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the initiative to enable software-defined vehicle development

Working together to create

the software-defined vehicle experience.

About the initiative

Welcome to the initiative.  Our open community of car manufacturers, suppliers, start-ups and end-users is working together to create the next generation of software-defined vehicle experiences.


The automotive industry is rapidly changing, exploring new ways of value creation. The software-defined vehicle (SDV) is a platform for continuous, customer-centric digital innovation. is supporting this new way of thinking and working #digitalfirst. Our use-case driven co-creation approach helps delivering tangible results fast, validated by real end users. As an open, product- and vendor neutral initiative, is fostering interoperability in the SDV ecosystem, helping OEMs to create the best-of breed tool chains they need today to deliver exciting and differentiating digital innovations to their end-customers.

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The target picture

"digital fist" is the approach for the development of software-defined vehicles following the digital and the physical value stream.

The target picture for the automotive industry includes internet best-practices such as DevOps and Continuous Improvement.

However, the specifics of the automotive industry can make this difficult – including software real-time requirements, functional safety and long lead-times for hardware-related innovations.

This is why the target picture also needs to include methods for virtual exploration in a #digitalfirst way – helping OEMs to do market and UX validation as early as possible in the lifecycle of new features and functions. Today, “shift-left testing” is well established in the software industry, helping to avoid exponential downstream costs. We want to help establish this also for the automotive industry. The complete target picture of virtual exploration, productization and continuous improvement is what is driving our work at contributions

The playground for virtual exploration

To support shift-level testing for SDV applications, we have created the playground. This is a cloud-based, rapid prototyping environment for new, SDV-enabled features. The prototypes are built against real-world vehicle APIs and can be seamlessly migrated to automotive runtimes, such as Eclipse Velocitas. The playground is open and free to use. Try it out, or join our development community at Eclipse.

Cloud-based prototyping environmenr for software-defined vehicles

Our cloud-based rapid prototyping environment for new software-defined vehicle (SDV) features: the

The dreamKIT for automotive-grade hardware tests

The dreamKIT allows you to have a touch and feel experience of your software-defined vehicle solution. It is a proof-of-concept hardware, that is seamlessly integrated with the and allows you to try out your digitally developed SDV features on a physical device. With the dreamKIT you can transfer your use case from the virtual exploration phase into the productization phase.


Learn more about the dreamKIT here


Our PoC hardware to try out digitally developed software-defined vehicle features on a physical device.

Towards an open test fleet

Our vision is to enable automotive developers to go from a virtual test environment to testing in real vehicles as fast as possible. We are currently working on creating an open test fleet, which can be used by anybody to test their new features in real vehicles within a controlled, functionally safe environment.

Open test fleet for software-defined vehicle

Our cloud-based rapid prototyping environment for new software-defined vehicle (SDV) features: the


Interoperability along the SDV value chain

In order to enable best-of-breed tool chains for original equipment manufacturer (OEMs), interoperability is key. The playground, the dreamKIT and our open test fleet are designed to use open source and open standards, enabling interoperability along the tool chain and also integration with best-of-class commercial (closed source) products.


Our aim of an open tool chain for software-defined vehicles.

Partnerships for interoperability 

As we aim to enable an open tool chain for the software-defined vehicle. Interoperability is key. Therefore, we have teamed up with many partners to start an SDV interoperability initiative. Find more information about the current state of the inter::op proof points here.

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Get the tech details

In our wiki we provide all technical details for software architects, developers and SDV fans.

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