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SDV 101

Introduction to the software-defined vehicle (SDV). explains the concept of SDV

One of our main activities in order to realize the "Smart-phone on wheels" vision is our free educational offering. With our digital SDV introductory course and our e-book, we explain the concept of software-defined vehicles (SDV).

On-demand introduction sessions on software-defined vehicles

The SDV 101 course is a free and digital offering, in which automotive experts explain the concept of software-defined vehicles. Our Master Class contains a set of modules, which you can access on-demand in our wiki. 

Introduction: Learn the SDV key challenges and target picture as well as options for the required transformation. 

Value Stream Management: Have a look at the concept of two value streams moving at different speeds: the physical and the digital value streams for automotive. Learn and discuss constraints (e.g. functional safety) and prerequisites (e.g. vehicle abstraction).

Enabling Technologies: Get to know the required enabling technologies, including the SdV tech stack, open source, vehicle APIs, over-the-air updates, vehicle app stores, and on-board AI

Digital First: Explore the concept of „Digital First“, including SdV prototyping and simulation.

Enterprise Architecture & Organization: Find out more about an enterprise SdV target architecture, with a focus on managing the distributed and heterogeneous elements of modern vehicle applications and data-driven mobility solutions. Discuss on digital operations aspects.

Build, measure, learn - repeat: Recap and connect the dots in order to help OEMs realize a "build, measure, learn - repeat" cycle.

SDV 101 Course

SDV 101 booklet

New: SDV booklet


The Software-Defined Vehicle: A Digital-First Approach to Creating Next-Generation Experiences


Dirk Slama, Achim Nonnenmacher, Thomas Irawan


The SDV booklet provides you with a 360 degree introduction to software-defined vehicles, covering strategic goals, use cases, impediments, enabling technologies, and the organizational perspective. The booklet also covers the #digitalfirst paradigm for SDVs, including the "shift north", "shift left" and virtualization perspective. 

Interested to learn more about the free-access report and download your ebook copy?

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